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Rubber Export Opportunities

As already said, India is world's third largest producer of rubber in the world. The Indian Rubber Industry is a very important industry in Indian Economy. This industry has a tremendous chances of growth, which in turn can lead to a tremendous growth in export opportunities.

Advantages of Indian Rubber Industry
Sectors covered by Indian Rubber Industry Exports of Rubber
India's exports of rubber products, including tyres exceeded Rs.2000 crores according to a recent estimate. Products exported are as follows: Exporting Countries
India exports to over 85 countries, including: Future Scope
There is no doubt that with the saturation reaching in rubber consumption in various Western countries and the shift in consumption of rubber to the Asia Pacific region, the focal factor for this decade for development is India. The rubber industry is expected to grow at over 8% per annum in this decade. The industry is envisaged to grow at the rate of 8% per annum and the per capita consumption of rubber at 0.8 kg against 14 kg. There exists a huge scope for expansion and development and exports in coming years. Infact, exports of rubber goods was worth Rs. 30 billion in the year 2005.

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