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Rubber Coating

Know all about rubber coating and the various options for such protective coating solutions. How does rubber, rather liquid rubber act as coating option; how to select and apply rubber coating; advantages of rubber coating; various popular brands like plasti dip for protective coatings of rubber!

What is Rubber Coating?

Rubber coating is one of the most widely used processes of coating in various applications. Such protective coating is applied onto or impregnated into a substrate or an object for protective, decorative or functional purposes. Rubber coating medium is a very important consideration in the selection of coating material. This type of coating is used on many elastomeric components like seals, gaskets, o-rings, stoppers and plungers, which are used in a variety of industrial applications like electronics, medical, automotive, military industries etc. Gloves with Rubber Coating

Rubber as a Coating Material- Liquid, Natural, Synthetic Rubber Coating

Rubber is a preferred material for coating application because of two reasons:
Natural and synthetic rubber coating both are done in various applications. However, synthetic rubber coating is more prevalent than natural coating. As natural rubber can not be used directly for coating purpose, most of the time latex concentrate that contains roughly 60% rubber are used for the purpose.
Due to their versatile nature, synthetic rubber coatings, mostly made of liquid rubber, can be easily sprayed onto any surface for long term sealing, insulation and protection against moisture, dust and other air borne materials preventing leakages etc. Liquid rubbers are widely used to create protective coatings on various materials as well as in caulking and weatherproofing.

Rubber Coating Selection

The purpose of the coating and the kind of rubber required for coating are chosen on the basis of the technological equipment. The design of rubber coating application place is chosen considering both the equipment exploitation and equipment design departments. You can coat anything with a flexible rubber coating by spraying, brushing or dipping. Rubber coatings provide a barrier against the leaching of elastomeric bi-products, and at the same time protect surfaces from organic solvents and inorganic reagents, acids and solutions.

How to Apply Rubber Coating ?

Rubber Coating Buying tips

When selecting appropriate rubber coating, the following factors should be considered:
  • Temperature
  • Friction
  • Material being coated
Rubber coating is applied to seal tools, flooring, and various other surfaces. The rubber coating is liquified having consistency of glue. Applying rubber coating to surfaces needs to be done evenly and quickly so that all the sides of the surface might dry at the same time. This prevents formation of bubbles of wet rubber coating. There are a few methods of applying rubber coating to surfaces, main of which are applying rubber coating by dipping and by paint brush.
Check out our article Applying Rubber Coating on Flooring or Other Surfaces to know about these methods.

Types of Rubber Used in Rubber Coating

The following types of rubbers are frequently used for the purpose of rubber coating
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Advantages of Rubber Coating

Applications of Rubber Coating

Rubber coating is widely applied accross industries and even in homes. Rubber coated fabrics and roofs are the best examples of applications of rubber coating in homes. Rubber spray coating and rubber coated rollers can be taken as examples of industrial applications of rubber coating.

Rubber Roof Coating

An important application of rubber coating is rubber roof coating. Rubber roof coating is used to repair or recoat rubber roofs as well as to reseal protrusions in the roof. This type of coating can also be applied over galvanized steel, bituminous built-op roofs, concrete, wood, polyurethane foam and asphalt roof shingles. Rubber roof coating is applied wherever a flexible durable and long lasting protection is required. Rubber Roof Coating is applied using a brush, roller or spray equipment.

Rubber Spray Coating

Rubber Spray Coating
Rubber Spray Coating
Rubber spray coating or specialty coating is the answer for applications that require on-site repair. Huge tanks, launder systems, and equipment with intricate detail work all use specialty coating in form of rubber spray coating. Sprayable urethane is produced to protect all surfaces and equipment which are exposed to any kind of abrasive and corrosive environments. These spray rubber coatings are easy to repair and they form and add reinforcement to other highly durable protective linings. Spray rubber coating or specialty coatings extend the operating life, replacement as well as maintenance costs of equipment and structures in areas with vibration, impact, bending, flexing, and thermal cycling. This type of coating is available with superior tensile, elongation, and tear strength properties.

Rubber Coated Rollers

Rubber coating is also applied on rollers. Rubber coated rollers are used in printing , textile, wood pocessing, paper and pulp industry, plastic foil production, long-distance belt conveying etc

Rubber Coated Fabrics

Rubber coated fabrics are widely used in textile industry. The properties of the rubber are added to the performance characteristics of the fabric. They are also known as rubber coated textiles, proofed fabrics, proofed textiles or technical coated textiles. The rubber coating on fabrics provides specific performance attributes required for the operating environment e.g. flame retardancy, fuel resistance.

Popular Rubber Coatings

Rubber coating manufacturers always try to bring in unique and more usful protective coatings to the market. Some of these products have more advanced features that make them more beneficial to apply. These popular rubber coatings can be found almost with all the rubber coating suppliers. Some of such rubber coatings include the following:

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