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Mining Industry

When we talk about mining, we mean the process of extracting minerals from the earth as well as from an ore body, vein, or coal seam. Most substances that are obtained from the earth are recovered by mining. Mining provides iron for steel making, salt for food, coal for fuel, and gold, silver, and diamonds for jewelry, stones for building, phosphate for fertilizer, and gravel for highways and many other such products. Mining industry as a whole is involved with the entire process of mining starting from digging, extracting to export and marketing.

While exploration and mining can be conducted by individual entrepreneurs or small business, most modern day mines are large enterprises and these enterprises require large amounts of capital for establishment. Indian Mining Industry is a growing industry in Indian economy. In 1999-2000, it was estimated that mineral production (excluding atomic minerals) was approximately US$ 10.26 billion. Over 1.1 million people are employed in this industry.

Rubber products in Mining Industry

There are various rubber products which are used in the mining industry. The most commonly used rubber product in this industry is the conveyor belt. Conveyor belts are typically very heavy-duty for applications in mines and quarries.
These rubber belts may include transport of such materials as ore, stone, tailings, gravel, aggregate, etc. The rubber hoses are also used widely in the mining industry. Numerous types of rubber hoses are produced every year in various countries at the highest level of quality for the automotive, industrial and agricultural markets. There are rubber lined products as well which are used in the chemical and mining industries. These products include rubber-lined strainers, rubber lined dish ends and rubber lined bends. These rubber products are designed to withstand a variety of materials like lignite, coal, aluminium ore, iron ore, quartz and sand and also used to withstand corrosion, impact and abrasion.

We can know more about the rubber products used in the mining industry from the following:

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